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  • Roon Labs

    The Role

    Roon Labs is looking to hire several software developers during the first half of 2019.

    Experience with our technology stack is a plus, but we place more value on the breadth of technologies you’ve worked with in the past. It is important that you are comfortable and experienced working in a large pre-existing codebase and with a variety of languages, toolkits, and technologies, picking up new skills and expertise as needed.

    Possible Areas of Focus

    This role is open to all generalist developers who can comfortably work on all areas of our systems and get stuff done.

    We are also interested in growing the team in a few specific directions. These are some possible areas of focus, based on the work we have coming up. Experience relevant to these areas is a bonus, and if any of this resonates with you please let us know.

    Mobile Applications

    Our mobile applications share one UI codebase across platforms--so this isn’t about building screens. There is some technical debt in our mobile infrastructure, and some expected product touch points are missing or not done well. Furthermore, as we expand the scope of our mobile apps to include streaming/playback away from the home system, there will be a lot of under-the-hood work required to make a lot more of our code run (and perform) on tablets and phones.

    Machine Learning

    A few months ago, we launched Roon Radio, our first machine-learning feature. We have a healthy roadmap planned for future features that incorporate machine learning, and could use some help making these plans a reality. This work would encompass everything from data acquisition/warehousing, batch processing, learning/training steps, and surfacing the results via cloud services, dashboards, or our client applications. In parallel, we are working on ETL and Analytics systems for the rest of the company.

    Devops/Cloud Services

    We recently moved our cloud operations to a new provider and containerized everything. While things are up and running, there are definitely some aspects that require shoring up and long term ownership, and we still have some rough patches in the system that we are slowly moving through. Adding fresh perspective, experience, and ownership in this area would be a great help to us.

    “End-to-end” Project Ownership

    If Roon were a web based product, we’d call this “full stack development”. We are always at work implementing new features or integrating with other products. This generally involves work in several layers--cloud services, the media server, and the user interface. We're looking for developers that can handle the detailed aspects of projects like this without losing sight of the larger goal.

    Our Technology

    Roon functions like an IoT product in the home. The core of the product is a media server, which manages a music library and streams audio to multiple zones around the home. This can run as software or on a dedicated appliance. In addition, Roon supports many different control points and networked audio devices. The Roon user experience is backed by a set of cloud services which serve up music metadata, recommendations, and so on.

    Roon’s client applications are all built in C#, with C/C++ underpinnings. We use Xamarin tooling on iOS and Android. Our software is portable across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. The user interface is built using an in-house UI toolkit that combines a functional-reactive programming paradigm with an OpenGL-based rendering engine.

    Our cloud services are built in C#, Node.js, and Python. Our cloud infrastructure runs on Docker Swarm and Google Cloud Platform. We use Postgresql, Nginx, and Elasticsearch.

    Our data and learning systems are built using Python (numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, pandas, …), C++, SQL, and Airflow.

    While a lot of our code is written in C#, this is not a Windows/Visual Studio/Microsoft’s Latest Dogfood kind of place. We use a limited subset of .NET as a portable runtime environment and most of our developers live on Mac/Linux machines using vim/emacs, make, zsh, and git.

    About You

    • You have a healthy curiosity about how things work.
    • You have excellent communication skills, and speak and write English well.
    • You can work independently and own projects to completion.
    • You aren't afraid of doing grunt work when your projects require it.
    • You are comfortable making noise when you get stuck or when something feels wrong.
    • You possess strong computer science fundamentals: data structures, algorithms, programming languages, distributed systems, databases, and information retrieval.
    • You’re a good programmer. You write understandable code with an eye towards maintainability.
    • When things break — and they will — you are eager and able to help fix them.

    About You

    The most active portion of our work day is 12PM-5PM EST. Your typical work hours should overlap that period sufficiently to facilitate collaboration with others. Aside from that, we do not care where you are located or if you need to split up your work hours in a non-standard way.

    We offer Health/Dental/Vision (80/20), 401k with match, paid parental leave, and flexible time-off.

This month
  • Academic Analytics
    $65,000.00 - $75,000.00Preferred: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time

    The Software Developer is responsible for developing and maintaining a variety of software that supports our database of scholarly productivity and providing limited end-user support. As part of the development team, you will develop and maintain new applications, as well as support existing applications for our clients and internal users.  We are looking for candidates in the Wisconsin, Charlotte North Carolina and Virginia areas.

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    • Maintains company’s proprietary software used for maintaining scholarly activity information.
    • Develops new applications, as well as provide enhancements and support for existing systems written in C#, ASP.NET, Angular, and SQL Server.
    • Assists in all phases of the SDLC toward development of new software, systems and business processes.
    • Obtains the business requirements needed from internal and external customers in order to develop the appropriate solutions to ensure a functional and efficient product.
    • Perform the coding for technical specifications written or verbalized by internal and external customers.
    • Provides training assistance to customers on the use of the respective systems or processes.
    • Collaborates with various departments throughout the organization to create the best possible product and to maintain a timely and accurate delivery of requested software.
    • Responds to customer systems issues and provides solutions to problems as needed.
    • Conducts testing of the software and assuring its quality.
    • Investigates and suggests solutions to defects and problems that may have been detected during testing.
    • Implement the localization or globalization of the software as per the market needs.
    • Conducts performance tuning, balancing, improvement, automation and usability.
    • Provide technical expertise and recommendation in assessing new IT software projects and initiatives to support and enhance our existing systems.
    • Produce technical documentation for new and existing applications
    • Serve as a liaison between all departments to assist in addressing and resolving IT software issues.
  • GoSkills

    .NET Software Engineer

    We are looking for an experienced full-stack software developer to join the team.


    • You have excellent software development skills
    • You like to build sites that look great
    • You are numerate
    • You are willing to learn and develop your skills
    • You have good interpersonal skills
    • You are proactive, and have strong drive and initiative
    • You have excellent attention to detail
    • You’re a team player but can also work independently
    • You’re eager to roll up your sleeves and like to succeed.


    You will have experience in:

    • Visual Studio 2017
    • ASP.Net MVC
    • C#
    • SQL
    • Bootstrap
    • jQuery.

    Equipment and office space

    For this role you will need to provide your own computer and high-speed internet connection. You can work wherever you like. For online catch-ups, you need a relatively quiet place to work.


    Anywhere in the world, but within a workable time zone. Most of your work will be with other GoSkills people in Hong Kong, the US and New Zealand. Most of the developers currently live in New Zealand.

    What you get

    • Flexibility of work location and hours
    • Ability to work with a fun and international team of highly motivated individuals
    • Retreat with the GoSkills team in September 2019, somewhere with a beach in the Pacific or Asia.