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  • Auth0
    Preferred timezone: UTC -7 to UTC -3

    Auth0, a global leader in Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), provides thousands of enterprise customers with a Universal Identity Platform for their web, mobile, IoT, and internal applications. Its extensible platform seamlessly authenticates and secures more than 2.5B logins per month, making it loved by developers and trusted by global enterprises. Auth0 has raised more than $210 million in funding to date and continues its global growth at a rapid pace. We are consistently recognized as a great place to work based our outstanding leadership and dedication to company culture. We are looking for the best people to join our incredible team spread across more than 35 countries. Come join us! Auth0 gives companies simple, powerful and developer friendly building blocks so they can free up resources to focus on innovation. We strive to be the identity platform of choice of developers and Enterprises. We take our culture very seriously and are looking for people who are drawn to both our mission and our culture. We are a security company and Auth0's Security team is in the privileged position of supporting a security first culture for a company that wants to make the internet safer. As a member of the Cloud Security Team you will build, own and maintain critical security infrastructure to support Auth0’s production operations. We are looking for a Cloud Security Engineer who is passionate about developing reliable and scalable systems and wants to build tools and drive automation. We will support your development, encourage you to open source the tools we build and present at conferences. This is an exciting time to join Auth0 as we are growing quickly -  providing plenty of opportunities to learn and implement new technologies.

    In this role you will:

    • Design, build and maintain the systems that help keep Auth0 secure
    • Automate security process to reduce as much manual effort as possible
    • Build integrations between various alerting, metrics, and logging systems
    • Build and operate Cloud scale infrastructure which supports and secures Auth0’s Productions environment
    • Develop tooling to make security frictionless for Auth0 engineers
    • Participate in the on-call rotation to support the systems you build

    Our ideal candidate will have:

    • Knowledge of AWS services and security controls
    • Knowledge of network security architecture (e.g VPNs, SSH bastions, etc)
    • Write clean, readable, and maintainable code (we mostly write Python)
    • A knack for automation and instrumentation
    • Experience with Linux
    • Experience with log collection and analysis (e.g. Kinesis, ElasticSearch, Sumo Logic etc)
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills

    Auth0 is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Auth0 conducts all employment-related activities without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, citizenship status, genetics, or status as a Vietnam-era special disabled and other covered veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. Auth0 participates in E-Verify and will confirm work authorization for candidates residing in the United States.

Older - Remote Ssh jobs
    PROBABLY NO LONGER AVAILABLE.Must be located: United States of America. is transforming the way people buy and sell high ­quality custom apparel. As a leading online fundraising site, we’ve helped thousands of causes and organizations raise millions of dollars by selling their own custom shirts.

    We are looking to hire a Java Spring Developer. Don’t like HTML or CSS? Great! You will be working on our REST API and Angular frontend. HTML/CSS will be handled for you. We are looking for a long-term relationship and committed individuals to join our team.

    About you

    • You can work on a feature from start to finish, communicate about it and ask the right questions.
    • You are comfortable with Java and can confidently write code and see it deployed to production servers.
    • You have an excellent knowledge of Spring (Boot). Alternatively, you are eager to read a book or two on it quickly and feign years of experience during the interview 
    • SQL comes naturally to you and you understand how JPA/Hibernate works.
    • You can tinker with Javascript code and help improve our Angular stack.
    • You are not afraid to SSH into a server and change some configuration files.
    • Your English is proficient.

    The role

    • Senior Java developer is responsible for implementing new features, fixing bugs and improving and refactoring code.
    • Most of what we do is web related – many tasks will ask you to implement REST endpoints to achieve some business objectives and connect the dots on the web.
    • Many tasks are not strictly web related and may challenge you in other ways (e.g. data analytics, network communication, database optimization, etc.).
    • You will have a lot of independence and agency while working, but you will communicate with other colleagues daily and often work with them directly to solve coding issues.

    The work environment

    This is a remote position. You have an amazing opportunity to join our fast growing platform and make it grow even faster.

    We offer you outstanding team environment, low stress atmosphere, and an opportunity to advance your career by building amazing things on a modern tech stack.

  • Action Verb
    PROBABLY NO LONGER AVAILABLE.Must be located: United States of America.

    Are you an expert in the inner workings of the FTP protocol or SFTP protocol? Would building a server that achieves perfect compatibility with the RFC while still managing to support buggy clients make you smile?

    If so, we’d like you to learn about! is one of the largest providers of commercial FTP and SFTP server hosting in the world. Our service was originally launched as BrickFTP, and even though we’ve grown beyond FTP in our service offerings, we have thousands of businesses that rely on our services 24/7 for reliable FTP and SFTP server hosting.

    Our FTP and SFTP server code is primarily written in Java and leverages open source code from the Apache foundation (that we have considerably extended).

    We’re looking for a rare unicorn who knows FTP and/or SFTP at a protocol level and knows Java to help us modernize our FTP and SFTP server code and implement many new exciting features.

    As an FTP or SFTP server developer at, you’ll take ownership of our FTP and SFTP server code, helping us keep it modern, fast, and maintainable, while implementing exciting new features.

    These codebases are currently written in Java, and we want applicants to be comfortable in Java, but we are also interested in rewriting these in more modern languages such as Go or Elixir, especially if we can leverage existing FTP or SFTP libraries.

    In this role, you’ll work on the following things and more:

    • Keeping our SSH and TLS cryptography up to date, including integrating new ciphers and curating the list of approved ciphers for maximum security.

    • Ensuring that our FTP and SFTP server products are maximally compatible with the wide range of client software in the wild (even the buggy software).

    • Optimizing our FTP and SFTP servers for speed and throughput so our customers get the fastest server experience possible.

    • Integrating new features such as client-side encryption.

    Minimum Qualifications:

    • 5+ years of directly applicable experience.

    • Deep understanding of the FTP and/or SFTP protocols at the protocol level. Having written an FTP or SFTP client or server in the past would be a strong indicator of this.

    • Strong Computer Science background and understanding of algorithms and data structures.

    • History developing and supporting actual applications that have seen production usage with a large userbase.

    • Complete understanding of how to write secure code and an awareness of common web application security vulnerabilities.

    • Solid experience with Java, ideally the new features in Java 8 and Java 10.

    Preferred Qualifications:

    • Participation in open source projects, including ideally being the maintainer for a package that sees large usage in the community.
  • Follow Up Boss

    It's 2019 isn't it time to find a job that lets you work where you want? 

    Who Is Follow Up Boss?

    Why Would You Want To Work Here?

    • We’re a young, ambitious company who only answers to our customers 

    • Opportunity to have a big impact on our growth and your career

    • No red tape or pointless meetings

    • Competitive salary, health/dental insurance and 20 days paid holiday, $1000 to outfit your home office, yearly company meetup

    This Role Is For You If…

    • You are passionate about Information Security and have solid experience in the field.

    • You would describe yourself as patient, empathetic and having a good sense of humour

    • You’re independent, self-motivated and can stay efficient and productive without someone looking over your shoulder all day long

    • Superb written and verbal skills (with a professional yet fun demeanor).

    • You enjoy programming and creating solid, tested, reliable things over just breaking things. 

    • Reject the idea of security being a blocker, and enjoy collaborating with colleagues across teams to ship projects securely 

    • Have the ability to work with others and helping them to understand security is far more important than knowing about the latest ROP gadget finding techniques. 

    • This is a hands-on technical position where you will work with the Infrastructure and Product teams to ensure the secure release of applications. 

    • Security architecture experience and the ability to consult with engineering teams working on technology projects will be key to success.

    • You have thorough familiarity with techniques used by real world attackers and should be able to prioritize detection and attack surface reduction efforts based on this knowledge. 

    Your qualifications:

    • Self motivated and proactive mindset.

    • Remote work experience is considered an asset.

    • Based in the USA, quiet home office with fast internet.

    • Strong experience in penetration testing or related activities, including at least network and application security experience.

    • Understand modern web application architecture, TCP/IP, HTTP, and standard network and system security technologies 

    • A strong knowledge of securing production LAMP (PHP) stacks, as well as a solid understanding of iOS and Android apps is a must. 

    • Strong knowledge of internet security issues.

    • Strong knowledge of UNIX and networking protocols.

    Your responsibilities will include:

    • Take a leadership role in driving security and privacy initiatives at Follow Up Boss.

    • Establish, advocate and enforce security policies and best practices among our team members.

    • Lead efforts to keep our customers' data and company assets safe.

    • Review changes in internal processes and IT systems to make sure the changes being made don't have adverse effect on security.

    • Provide security guidance for our products and technologies

    • Collaborate with colleagues across a variety of teams to architect & ship projects securely

    • Discover, analyze, assess, and respond to various threats in Follow Up Boss's web stack, iOS and Android applications.

    • Investigate security-related reports from customers, internal team members or general public, assess risks and damage, plan recovery actions and lead the effort to execute the plan.

    • Review changes in software we produce to make sure we follow best security practices and the changes being made don't have a negative effect on security.

    • Evaluate and provide recommendations on third party applications and services and the security implications associated with their use.

    • Understand offensive techniques/tactics and be able to prioritize mitigation techniques or technologies accordingly.

    • Instrument and perform anomaly analysis of systems and applications

    • Ability to discover new and interesting security problems as well a fix them.

    • Mentor other team members.

    30 Day Targets:

    • Become familiar with the product architecture, infrastructure, and existing tools.

    • Pair with engineers to gain knowledge about the system and how we work.

    • Improve the new hire onboarding process, by being a part of it.

    60 Day Targets:

    • Take active part in the internal security related work (e.g. assessing company VPN, implementing AWS IAM security best practices, SSH + 2FA, etc)

    • Work with fellow engineers to ensure authorized access to internal tools, servers, and sensitive customer data.

    90 Day Targets:

    • Identify top security issues and develop a solid plan to address them

    • Develop internal physical security policies.

    • Review and produce plan to comply with Google Compliance External Security Audit.

    Our Core Engineering Values

    • Teamwork

    • Communication

    • Code Quality

    • Focus and Prioritization

    • Customer Driven

    • Leadership Qualities

    If this sounds like a great fit we would love to hear from you.

    We're not accepting applications from agencies.