This month - Remote Jest jobs
  • FineTune Learning
    PROBABLY NO LONGER AVAILABLE.Preferred timezone: UTC -11 to UTC +1

    FineTune is seeking a full stack developer with strong hands on experience on reactjs, axios, react-apollo, graphql, python, flask/django, pytest, docker, database performance and microservices. S/he must have experience working with at least 3 production released software projects/products that they have deployed on AWS or Google Cloud and working for at least 10 years releasing production quality software. S/he should be hands on tech and comfortable solving complex system problems while making sure software team understands clearly what they are building, while refactoring/architecting new and existing services to scale to support 5 million users. 

    You should have hands on experience in optimizing front end code performance, analyzing API caching errors, comfortable digging into docker containers and be diving into large code bases to refactor components and migrate database models.

    S/he should also be comfortable interacting with customer and provide guidance on the technical feasibility and scope of engineering/rearchitecting needed to solve problems and deliver features. Full stack developer will also work with QA team to find best ways to increase the performance of the development team and enhance software quality and development speed.

    S/he will interface with engineering leadership to continuously drive innovation and new product development while promoting and advancing the scalability and modularization of current platform we are working on with Collegeboard and other partners. S/he will be essential member of the engineering team to drive company vision and mission while scaling the software for larger audience.

    Experiences necessary to be successful:

    • Proven experience in understanding complex user needs with multiple stakeholders and providing practical solutions that can work in production
    • Always automating solutions, but making it clearly understandable to other developers and users
    • Highly collaborative and be able to communicate both interpersonally and in your code (we <3 COMMENTS! and ability to think about future developers)
    • Not afraid to dive into other’s code, refactor and rewrite if it’s best for maintenance and end user
    • Eye for great software engineering practices (i.e. experience in dealing with bad code and improving or refactoring with good design)
    • Experience in debugging performance issues with javascript and reactjs or other SPA architecture
    • Experience in developing testable components
    • Experience in relational schema and data migrations with ability to optimize indexes and data for database performance
    • Experience with rigor in branching, rebasing, cherry picking and collaborating in github
    • Experience in agile sprints a plus
    • Desire to continuously, learn, improve and apply new technologies that will increase operational efficiency and effectiveness
Older - Remote Jest jobs
  • Toptal
    PROBABLY NO LONGER AVAILABLE.Must be located: Europe.Preferred timezone: UTC -3 to UTC +5

    Toptal's Talent Activation Team is looking for a great frontend developer.

    If you love and are good at:

    • JavaScript and ES6
    • React
    • HTML and CSS
    • Git and Shell

    we would like to talk to you.

    Our Team develops the application wherein a brand new Toptal member sets up her or his profile and gets active in the Toptal Platform — hence the name Activation. The app handles information ranging from name and profile photo to far more complex data such as skillset, portfolio, geographic location, local times across the world, and payment details.

    This is an opportunity to work on a new, high-impact application, using state-of-the-art technologies alongside an excellent and friendly team.

    We also expect to support the current Talent application with code written using SASS, Backbone, and Rails. On the brighter side, that application is very stable and we've been able to dedicate more than 80% of our time to the new one.

    Toptal's Talent Activation Team is organized using Agile best practices. We are a small, focused, and self-contained team with a Scrum Master, a dedicated QA Engineer, a Designer, and a Product Manager. Expect to make meaningful contributions from early on, and to have continuous learning opportunities, both technical and interpersonal.  As with any other position at Toptal, we offer flexible working hours and location independence. We have a daily stand-up at 10:00 AM GMT-3.