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  • Spencer's
    • Knowledge and experience using Microsoft Web Technologies (ASP.NET, MVC, Web API, .asmx Web Services), as well as common web libraries such as JQuery, AngularJS, Knockout, Bootstrap, etc.

    • Knowledge and experience using Microsoft Application Development Technologies including WPF/XAML.

    • Experience using Microsoft SQL Server Database Server with strong SQL query skills, including a comfort level with Stored Procedures and Views.

    • Experience with Data Integrations involving files (XML, JSON, CSV, etc.), systems (AS400, Oracle, Terradata, etc.) and technologies (SSIS, FTP, etc.)

    • Experience with Reporting Systems including SSRS, ActiveReports, MicroStrategy, etc.

    • Knowledge of any of the following a plus: Infragistics, Xamarin, AngularJS, CSLA.NET, Kafka, Microservice Architecture.

    • Experience at working both independently and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment is essential.

    • Must be able to learn, understand, and apply new technologies.

    • Knowledge of data processing, networking, hardware platforms, and enterprise software applications.

    • Technical experience with systems networking, databases, Web technologies, and user support.

    • Good background in database design in Microsoft SQL Server.

    • Good working knowledge skills with Microsoft Office products, Microsoft Visio, Team Foundation Server, Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint.

    • Proven ability to be flexible and work hard, both independently and in a team environment, in an environment with changing priorities.

    • A results oriented individual who thrives working in a fast paced environment.


    • Work from rudimentary requirements and specifications

    • Translate business requirements into technical specifications

    • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

    • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

    • Four year degree in Computer Science or Engineering Minimum of four (4) years developing software in a commercial software development environment 

    • Proven ability to design and develop large scale applications 

    • Minimum of one (1) year experience working in an Agile/SCRUM environment is preferred, but not required

  • TestDome d.o.o. is a fast-growing company, offering automated testing of programming skills to companies that are hiring software developers. About 70% of our 3.700+ customers are from English-speaking countries. The remaining 30% are spread across the rest of the world. A list of customers include such companies as eBay, PayPal, and Turkish Airlines.

    To make sure our business can continue to grow, we are continually investing in our platform. This is where you come in. We need to speed up! We are looking for two strong web developers to join our development team so we can keep adding new features while increasing reliability and scale at the same time.

    Our development stack currently looks like this (you will be welcome to push us in the right™ direction):

    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery

    • C#, ASP.NET MVC

    • NHibernate, PostgreSQL, Azure

    with plans to:

    • migrate from jQuery & ECMAScript 5.1 and keep up with ES.Next

    • migrate to ASP.NET Core MVC

    • move live coding evaluators to Linux and Docker

    We require a strong knowledge of C# and JavaScript; the others you'll pick up easily.

    We will treat you exceptionally well. We offer competitive salaries and we will give you all the tools you need. You don’t need to come to the office. If you want, you can work in your flip-flops from the beach. All ten of us at TestDome telecommute and get together every few months.

    Salary range: gross 30,000-60,000 USD per year

    So, are you ready to take the challenge?

  • Theorem

    Citrusbyte is a software consultancy that believes in using simple tools to solve problems. We build custom systems for both startups and enterprises - You can see our portfolio for more information about our clients.

    Our engineers have experience in a consultative environment, excellent communication skills and a desire to work with talented teams building innovative products. We work closely with our clients, sharing our experience and processes to help them define and create their products.

    Most of our other projects are written in Ruby, so experience in this language is a solid plus, but we are looking for polyglot engineers who have a hunger for learning new languages and tools. We also have open positions for C# and NodeJS (using Typescript)engineers.

    In general we are looking for polyglot engineers who have a hunger for learning new languages and tools. At Citrusbyte, learning is part of the job, and you should always be able to answer the question: "what have I learned this week?"

    We believe that less is more and we vehemently value simplicity. This is reflected in the tools we choose to work with. For this reason we tend to avoid using big frameworks like Ruby on Rails and instead lean towards smaller tools like Sinatra, Roda or Cuba.

    We have also done projects in Elixir, Rust, Node.js, Go, Python, Lua, etc. And strive to learn new tools and languages everyday. We believe in always choosing the right tool for the job and we are very open minded about trying different technologies.

    Skills & Requirements

    • Smart, gets things done
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Consulting experience
    • Passionate about software development
    • Experience working in a highly distributed company
    • Open minded and always learning

    _Citrusbyte expects employees to be honest, trustworthy, and operate with integrity. Discrimination and all unlawful harassment (including sexual harassment) in employment is not tolerated. We encourage success based on our individual merits and abilities, and all decisions regarding recruitment, hiring, promotion, compensation, employee development decisions such as training, and all other terms and conditions of employment, will be made without regard to race, nationality, national origin, citizenship status, employment status, ethnicity, ethnic origin, color, creed, religion, belief, age, marital status, pregnancy, gender, gender identity, sexual preference, lifestyle, social class, military status, disability, physical features, or any other protected status. We oppose all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination. Citrusbyte is an equal opportunity employer.
    No statements by Citrusbyte are intended to create an offer of employment unless made in a writing signed by an officer of the company and no offer shall become effective unless countersigned by the prospective employee.

  • SmileDirectClub

    We’re SmileDirectClub, and we believe everyone deserves a smile they’ll love. We also believe that you deserve a job you’ll love. Good thing you found us, and we found you. At SmileDirectClub, we’re all about empowering transformation. We want people to become more confident in how they look, how they feel, and how they think. So we’re spreading smiles and positivity all over the country.

    It’s no small task. That’s why we’re looking for energetic, passionate, and confident team members who can help turn frowns into life-changing grins. Are you up for it?

    SmileDirectClub is seeking a C# / .Net Senior Software Engineer to join a fast-paced dynamic engineering team working on turning a large monolith into a suite of domain-driven microservices. Knowledge of C#, .Net Core 2.0 and .Net Standard will allow you to create versatile microservices that cater to every facet of the SmileDirectClub business.  In joining SmileDirectClub, you will be part of a team that values high performance, open communication, and collaboration!

    It will really make us smile if you have…

    • Clear and concise communication skills.  Written and verbal.
    • Mentor and support a team of passionate technical professionals fostering a high-performance culture.
    • .Net Core 1.0 & 2.0
    • ASP.Net core, LINQ, JavaScript.
    • Exposure and experience with one additional open source stack e.g. Python, Ruby, Go
    • Cloud experience preferably in Amazon Web Services or Azure.
    • Test-Driven Development and Domain-Driven Design
    • Understanding of SDLC and Agile development methodologies.
    • Experience with Git, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery mechanisms.
    • RDBMS experience; Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle.
    • Understanding of multithreaded and concurrent programming techniques.
    • 5+ years as a .Net focused software engineer.
    • Bachelor’s degree preferred or relevant experience.

    Benefits of joining the club:

    • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
    • 401K with match
    • PTO
    • Aligner and Whitening Benefit
    • Collaborative work environment and positive culture

    SmileDirectClub was founded on a simple belief: everyone deserves a smile they love. The Company is the first digital brand for straightening your smile, created after the realization that recent trends in 3D printing and telehealth could bring about disruptive change to the invisible aligner market by matching licensed professionals, a quality clear-aligner product, and customers together. By leveraging proprietary, cutting-edge technology, SmileDirectClub, LLC-affiliated dentists are providing greater access of care to consumers who couldn’t otherwise afford orthodontic treatment to get a better smile.

    Who We Are:

  • Roon Labs

    The Role

    Roon Labs is looking to hire several software developers during the first half of 2019.

    Experience with our technology stack is a plus, but we place more value on the breadth of technologies you’ve worked with in the past. It is important that you are comfortable and experienced working in a large pre-existing codebase and with a variety of languages, toolkits, and technologies, picking up new skills and expertise as needed.

    Possible Areas of Focus

    This role is open to all generalist developers who can comfortably work on all areas of our systems and get stuff done.

    We are also interested in growing the team in a few specific directions. These are some possible areas of focus, based on the work we have coming up. Experience relevant to these areas is a bonus, and if any of this resonates with you please let us know.

    Mobile Applications

    Our mobile applications share one UI codebase across platforms--so this isn’t about building screens. There is some technical debt in our mobile infrastructure, and some expected product touch points are missing or not done well. Furthermore, as we expand the scope of our mobile apps to include streaming/playback away from the home system, there will be a lot of under-the-hood work required to make a lot more of our code run (and perform) on tablets and phones.

    Machine Learning

    A few months ago, we launched Roon Radio, our first machine-learning feature. We have a healthy roadmap planned for future features that incorporate machine learning, and could use some help making these plans a reality. This work would encompass everything from data acquisition/warehousing, batch processing, learning/training steps, and surfacing the results via cloud services, dashboards, or our client applications. In parallel, we are working on ETL and Analytics systems for the rest of the company.

    Devops/Cloud Services

    We recently moved our cloud operations to a new provider and containerized everything. While things are up and running, there are definitely some aspects that require shoring up and long term ownership, and we still have some rough patches in the system that we are slowly moving through. Adding fresh perspective, experience, and ownership in this area would be a great help to us.

    “End-to-end” Project Ownership

    If Roon were a web based product, we’d call this “full stack development”. We are always at work implementing new features or integrating with other products. This generally involves work in several layers--cloud services, the media server, and the user interface. We're looking for developers that can handle the detailed aspects of projects like this without losing sight of the larger goal.

    Our Technology

    Roon functions like an IoT product in the home. The core of the product is a media server, which manages a music library and streams audio to multiple zones around the home. This can run as software or on a dedicated appliance. In addition, Roon supports many different control points and networked audio devices. The Roon user experience is backed by a set of cloud services which serve up music metadata, recommendations, and so on.

    Roon’s client applications are all built in C#, with C/C++ underpinnings. We use Xamarin tooling on iOS and Android. Our software is portable across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. The user interface is built using an in-house UI toolkit that combines a functional-reactive programming paradigm with an OpenGL-based rendering engine.

    Our cloud services are built in C#, Node.js, and Python. Our cloud infrastructure runs on Docker Swarm and Google Cloud Platform. We use Postgresql, Nginx, and Elasticsearch.

    Our data and learning systems are built using Python (numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, pandas, …), C++, SQL, and Airflow.

    While a lot of our code is written in C#, this is not a Windows/Visual Studio/Microsoft’s Latest Dogfood kind of place. We use a limited subset of .NET as a portable runtime environment and most of our developers live on Mac/Linux machines using vim/emacs, make, zsh, and git.

    About You

    • You have a healthy curiosity about how things work.
    • You have excellent communication skills, and speak and write English well.
    • You can work independently and own projects to completion.
    • You aren't afraid of doing grunt work when your projects require it.
    • You are comfortable making noise when you get stuck or when something feels wrong.
    • You possess strong computer science fundamentals: data structures, algorithms, programming languages, distributed systems, databases, and information retrieval.
    • You’re a good programmer. You write understandable code with an eye towards maintainability.
    • When things break — and they will — you are eager and able to help fix them.

    About You

    The most active portion of our work day is 12PM-5PM EST. Your typical work hours should overlap that period sufficiently to facilitate collaboration with others. Aside from that, we do not care where you are located or if you need to split up your work hours in a non-standard way.

    We offer Health/Dental/Vision (80/20), 401k with match, paid parental leave, and flexible time-off.

  • Love Voodoo

    About This Position:

    We are looking for an experienced .NET C# developer, who is also familiar with Windows Servers and IIS hosting and SQL Database Hosting.

    This is a long-term, full-time position which includes maintenance and support of the current application as well as adding new features to it.

    What we are looking for is someone who:

    1) Has a minimum of two years .NET & C# experience.

    2) Can provide honest estimates of the project scopes & ability to deliver on schedule.

    3) Has the ability to quickly understand the project, make the necessary changes and deploy them.

    4) Can write efficient and quality code.

    We have a test working environment that the developer can use without having to worry about working on the live application.

    Job Type: Full-time

  • Simple Thread
    Preferred: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time +/- 2 hours

    We are looking for a thoughtful, detail-oriented developer to be the next member of our growing developer-owned, remote-friendly, people-first, hyphen-loving company.  The ideal candidate would have several years of experience working in open source web frameworks. They would also be eager to learn, grow, and foster healthy working relationships.  If you have experience building production web applications and are as passionate about helping customers as you are about working with new technologies, then we want to talk!

    What We Require

    Do you love to work directly with customers to solve business problems?

    We believe great software is discovered by understanding the core problems our clients are facing – and that is best achieved through frequent and direct communication with the subject matter experts. We provide leadership to support and guide interactions, but we need you to be comfortable talking with clients, discussing problems, and proposing solutions, which may not always be more software.

    Do you have experience writing production web applications?

    We strive to support our team's growth, learning, and taking on new roles at the edge of our comfort zones. At the same time, our clients expect us to bring a certain level of expertise. If you have never worked on a production web application, it is unlikely you will succeed here, even if you have other types of engineering experience.

    Are you able to work remotely, within +/- 2 hours of US Eastern time zone?

    We all mostly work from home. This requires the ability to self-direct and communicate well in writing. It also offers tremendous freedom and power, which comes with, uh, tremendous responsibility. We currently require our team to be within a 2hr time zone difference of Richmond, VA and physically based in the United States.

    Bonus Points

    • Being within easy driving distance of Richmond or Charlottesville is a huge plus!

    • Experience with:

    • Writing tests and using automated testing frameworks

    • Modern HTML/CSS (nothing crazy, we have a design team)

    • JavaScript and front-end JavaScript frameworks

    • Linux/Infrastructure/DevOps

    • AWS/cloud architectures

    • Mobile-first development, iOS/Android, React Native, etc.

    What We Offer

    • A Great Team - Our team of engineers and designers is the best part of working here. We only hire people who are fantastic teammates – competent and smart, sure, but also humble, positive, and generous.
    • Great Clients - We work with mostly small and medium clients, for whom our projects make a huge impact. We prioritize clients who are pleasant and good to work with, people who share our values of transparency and empathy.
    • Work From Home - We are a distributed company. Everyone works from home, though the leadership team all live in central Virginia.
    • Negligible Travel - In general, we don't travel routinely for projects. If this is a specific concern, we're happy to discuss.
    • Flexible Work Schedule - We require a certain amount of overlap with the rest of the team, but if you have a predictable schedule, we can probably support it, e.g., ending at 3:30 every day or being out every Friday morning.
    • Good Work Life Balance (really) - We ask our team to work 40 hours a week*. That's all: a good, productive 40 hours. And then we try our best to leave you alone off the clock. We do this in part because that's how we want to live but also because we want our team to be recharged and ready to do their best when working. *If you need to work fewer than 40 hours, that might be possible too; let’s talk.
    • Competitive Compensation - We offer highly competitive salary and benefits, including generous time off, 401k, FSA, medical and dental insurance.
  • CineMassive
    Preferred: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time +/- 2 hours

    Who We Are: At CineMassive, you will be developing mission-critical software products that power systems for the US Armed Services, Fortune 500 companies, leading research universities, and other prominent customers. Because of the critical nature of our work, we place enormous value on the quality, integrity, and sustainability of our code and adhere to a clean code philosophy. At CineMassive, you will work and play daily with a wide variety of hardware and software tools. Our large, constantly evolving catalog of cutting-edge visualization technology creates an exciting, dynamic work environment.

    Who You Are: CineMassive is seeking a talented and motivated Senior Quality Assurance Engineer (SQAE) to work alongside developers and product managers to verify application functionality and usability. The ideal candidate has strong knowledge of leading QA methodologies including regression testing, user interface testing, functional testing, integration testing, accepted test driven development, and behavior driven development. This person will have a passion for scientific methodical testing and will own the authoring and execution of test plans and test cases. We will prioritize candidates who are self-starters and have built new QA processes.

    Development Environment
    TDD, C#, .NET 4.5, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, micro-service architecture, GitHub, high performance computing, 3D interface design

    Solve Challenging Problems
    As a member of the CineMassive development team, you will tackle challenging, exciting problems. You will use a variety of tools and methods as well as your personal skillset to develop our technology and provide solutions for our customers. Our solutions-oriented perspective encourages creative and innovative problem solving, and allows for an agile, rotating workflow that keeps your work fresh and exciting.

    Enjoy our Perks
    As a member of the CineMassive development team, you will enjoy several perks including a flexible schedule, a casual dress code, and access to our resident robots. We support professional growth and a comfortable work/life balance. Team members have access to a complete benefits package including a 401K with a competitive match. Our relaxed but inspiring office is nested in Atlanta’s flourishing SweetWater Design District, right across the street from SweetWater Brewery.

    Basic Qualifications

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, related technical field, or hard science (chemistry, physics, etc.)
    • 7+ years in testing and in software development
    • Experienced building and designing test cases including knowledge of test methodologies
    • Can take direction and is self-directed, can recognize the work that needs done and completes it
    • Identifies gaps and improves processes

    Preferred Qualifications

    • Has taken point or lead a small group of QAEs while working with them to insure standards and high quality
    • Has built a Quality Assurance process from the ground up
This month
  • [A]

    We're looking for a strong, Kentico developer based anywhere who works well participating on 100% distributed teams. We are looking for somebody to drive Kentico knowledge within our development teams, and to work on our development teams to architect and build content management and multi-channel marketing solutions for clients and our agency partners.

    We prize our ability to consult clients on the strategic use of digital experience management technology.  Most of our implementations typically involve some type of integration with third party services, so the ability to think creatively to leverage the strengths of the CMS/EMS to make seamless integrations possible is a key requirement.

    This is a remote project that can be done from anywhere in North America. We are unable to consider candidates in the states of CA, MA or NY at this time.

    What you’ll be doing:

    • Develop technical specifications based on functional requirements
    • Work with structured content, data template definition and inheritance / content engineering (content modeling, metadata, schema, taxonomy)
    • Develop presentation components
    • Mentor and collaborate efficiently with teammates to identify problems and solutions in working toward completion of project goal
    • Direct architecture for security, performance, scale, ux, analytics, optimization
    • Develop integrations to external services and software
    • Author and/or perform tests according to a given test plan and documents results
    • Perform basic debugging in test and production environments
    • Maintain and repair existing properties
    • Kentico version upgrades
    • Run, maintain agile projects and tickets backlog in JIRA
    • Help facilitate smooth DevOps
    • Collaborate, learn, teach
    • Staying in constant communication with team members via Slack.

    You may be a good match for this role if:

    • Experienced in Kentico  (4+ years)
    • Team or practice leadership experience
    • Experienced in C#, ASP.NET, .NET MVC, MSSQL Server
    • A great verbal and written communicator
    • In-depth knowledge of IIS and Azure is preferred
    • Experience in modern front-end development techniques, including HTML5, CSS3. Modern JS frameworks such as React or Angular are a plus.
    • Familiarity with build tools/task runners e.g. Gulp or Webpack is a plus
    • Experience with CI and automated deployment tools e.g. TeamCity, Octopus is a plus
    • Proven hands-on contributor who can think outside the box.

    What is [A]?

    At its simplest, [A] is a distributed technology consulting company in the United States that focuses on content engineering and content management systems integration. We simplify complex technology for agencies and institutional clients. We focus content engineering and content technology, but our [A]gents are multi-talented and get called upon to deliver consulting, application development, architecture and strategy.

    What’s Your Name, [A]gain?

    Our name is easy. Just say “A.” The [A] brackets represent markup, microdata, content intelligence. The letter “[A]” represents the start, initiation, beginning of change. We are going to help change the world with intelligent content.

  • Contrast Security
    $115,000.00 - $135,000.00Preferred: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time +/- 2 hours

    About the Opportunity

    At Contrast, our goal is the make the Internet safer day by day. We are always interested in meeting talented and creative technologists who share this goal. We’ve built some amazing technology thus far and are shaking up the way the world looks at application security. We know that our products can get better with new voices and ideas. Contrast is looking for a talented .NET application developer to join our team, engineering a world-class instrumentation agent for analyzing the security of Microsoft web applications. An ideal candidate is proficient in ASP.NET, C#, and C++. Ideally, we would love for you to have an interest or experience in Azure, as well as experience or curiosity with .NET Core.


    • Build many variations of simple to complex web applications using ASP.NET and .NET Core for our instrumentation agent to analyze to detect security vulnerabilities at run-time.
    • Contribute to the development of our instrumentation agent written in C# and C++.
    • Support traditional ASP.NET apps and more modern .NET Core apps on Windows/Linux.
    • Perform forensic investigations when the agent negatively impacts the performance of functionality of instrumented web applications.
    • Own your work. Whether a nasty bug or an awesome feature, you put your name on every line of code.
    • Be a team player. You love to work with others to find the right solutions.

    About You

    • You love to code.
    • You have experience working on a remote team and don't mind the occasional trip to Baltimore, MD to meet up with teammates a few times a year.
    • Experience with at least one ASP.NET Framework (WebForms, MVC, WCF, Web API) and .NET Core web applications.
    • Experience with C# and C++.
    • Comfortable working in both a Windows and Linux operating systems.
    • Comfortable working with Azure DevOps for continuous integration.
    • Strong understanding of Microsoft IIS for configuration and deployment purposes.
    • Knowledge of the .NET development ecosystem.  Experience with popular .NET libraries such as Entity Framework, Dapper and Unity.
    • Experience deploying web applications to Azure services such as Azure VMs, Azure Web Apps, Service Fabric, SQL Server and Azure Networking Services.
    • You have strong communication skills. You ask questions, let others know when you need help, and tell others what you need.
    • You're a problem solver. You believe the best work is the result of finding the simplest solution to complex challenges.
    • You see the big picture. You understand how the code you write interacts with systems and services, both internally and externally.

    What We Offer

    • Competitive compensation
    • Medical, dental, and vision benefits
    • Flexible paid time off
    • Daily in-office lunches
    • 401K
  • Autosoft

    We currently have an opening for a Software Engineer that will be performing at a senior level and help create web applications using Angular, TypeScript, C#, and .Net.

    Who You Are:

    Your leadership and technical expertise is essential to our success. With your numerous years of experience and skill level, you will work within a Scrum team, collaborating and pairing with product team members (UI/UX, Engineering, Data, and Product Management) to create secure, reliable, scalable software solutions. You will serve as a mentor and role model to other software engineers, sharing your knowledge and expertise to encourage growth and innovative thinking.

    What You'll do:

    • Evaluate technologies for appropriate fit to solutions
    • Champion agile software development practices
    • Develop, test and implement new features and components on a growing enterprise SAAS solution
    • Troubleshoot and resolve problems of medium to high complexity
    • Participate in Scrum ceremonies
    • Identifies and enables ways to improve team productivity and efficiency
    • Discover and consolidate duplicate code and redundant solutions
    • Develop and maintain quality standards to ensure data integrity across various database systems
    • Document important design decisions appropriately
    • Participates in learning activities around modern software design and development core practices
    • Proactively views articles, tutorials, and videos to learn about new technologies and best practices being used within other technology organizations 
    • Translate technical language for non-technical people

    What You'll Need:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems and/or equivalent formal training or work experience
    • Five to seven (5-7+) years of experience in a collaborative software development environment
    • Experience in Angular 2+
    • Exposure to REST and effective web service design
    • Experience in object-oriented design and programming language (C#) 
    • Experience in a front-end technology and framework such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, BackboneJS,  ReactJS, and ngrx
    • Proven ability to write high-quality C# and JavaScript / TypeScript application logic with accompanying tests
    • Must be able to explain testing strategies: (Unit, Integration System, End to End)
    • Familiar with development concepts such as Dependency Injection, Mocking/Test Doubles, Object Relational Mappers


  • Autosoft
    $75,000.00 - $95,000.00

    Autosoft, Inc. ( is a Dealership Management System (DMS) software company serving the retail automotive industry for 30 years. At Autosoft, we embrace change, encourage out of the box thinking, and listen to our employees to help shape the future of our business. Who You Are: As the ETL Developer, you will participate and lead discussions around new feature requirements and develop database functionality to meet the requirements. Continually seeking ways to improve the process of data conversion, migration and integration from the current applications, APIs and various data sources to new systems.

    What You'll Do:

    • Develop stored procedures, functions, etc. in T-SQL
    • Create database objects including tables, views, triggers, etc.
    • Perform data modeling for new applications or extensions of existing applications
    • Ability to design ETL flows and data mapping/data migration process to ensure successful data migration from legacy systems
    • Execute performance improvements through optimizing queries, adding indexing, or other methods
    • Build and execute data migration scripts
    • Build database release scripts and execute them in development, staging, and production environments
    • Experience with ETL and data migration activities
    • Profile data to measure quality, integrity, accuracy and completeness
    • Advise business on options, risks and any impacts related to data conversion and migration
    • Turn process into detailed functional requirements, including but not limited to data mapping, file inventories, and data flow
    • Serve as a functional SME to development team as they implement the data needs as documented
    • Communicate as necessary, to ensure transparency, share insights, define scope, requirements, and coordinate between teams to manage expectations

    What You'll Need:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems and/or equivalent formal training or work experience
    • Minimum 5 years of experience in development using Microsoft SQL Server (2012 or newer) – Standard and Enterprise
    • Advanced knowledge of SSIS and SSRS
    • Data Modeling, Data Archiving, Query & Performance Analysis Experience
    • Advanced T SQL skills, ORM, Stored Procedures, Table Functions
    • Experience working with multi-tenant databases
    • Proven work experience on an enterprise-level projects
    • Working experience in an Agile development environment strongly preferred
    • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral
    • Superior organization, prioritization, analytical and problem-solving skills
    • Manage challenging timelines and schedules
    • History of implementing stable, robust solutions quickly and efficiently
    • Ability to adapt to changing assignments and multiple priorities
    • Ability to manage multiple tasks and successfully meet deadlines collaboratively with other departments.
    • Experience with Git repositories
    • Familiar with using data formats JSON and XML
    • Basic understanding of API end points (SOAP and REST)
    • Experience with Agile SCRUM and KANBAN Development process
    • Experience defining data objects, models and data definitions for financial or automotive business systems by mapping its various components as required for Data Migration/Conversion/Integration
    • Experience in SQL index management, performance optimization with large datasets, data warehouse/data mining
  • BlueModus
    $90,000.00 - $115,000.00Preferred: (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time +/- 2 hours

    We're looking for a Senior Web Developer, who is self-starter, can think on his/her feet, play well with others, and do great work in a fast paced, agency environment and has experience developing for content management platforms such as Kentico, Sitecore and/or Sitefinity.

    By bringing together like-minded people, who share common passions, who enjoy each other's company and respect each other's skills, BlueModus has created a culture where people work hard, have each other’s backs, and love what they do. Come join a team with a clear mandate to deliver high value to their clients. If you’re up for a challenge, then we’d love to hear from you.


    • Work at a company that was a Finalist for 2018 Best Places to Work by Denver Business Journal and ranked #50 on 2019 Best Places to Work by Built in Colorado
    • Competitive salary
    • Recharge your batteries with ample paid time off that includes 9 holidays, 10 vacation, 2 personal and 5 sick days
    • Get that dental checkup with full benefits - health, dental, vision and disability
    • Plan for your future with our 401(k) plan + employer match
    • Stay fit and healthy with our gym membership reimbursement
    • Awesome office in the heart of downtown Denver right off the iconic 16th Street Mall
    • Fully stocked kitchen and snack dispensers
    • Catered team lunches 4 days a week, plus breakfast on Fridays
    • Keg for Thirsty Thursdays
    • Team building “fun” days and other company sponsored activities through the year
    • Dog friendly office
    • Commute in style with our RTD reimbursements or don’t commute at all with our remote work options
    • Whether you’re an early riser or a snooze master, pick a schedule that works for you with flexible working hours

    What You Will Be Doing:

    • Responsible for billable client consulting
    • Maintenance and continued enhancement of the back end of our clients' web sites and web applications
    • Understanding and applying applicable development and coding standards
    • Building packages and deploying software to integration environments
    • Fielding technical questions from clients, other developers, project management, quality assurance, and other colleagues
    • Providing development estimates for enhancement requests
    • Participating actively in agile teams while learning from software architects and / or solution leads
    • Investigating and resolving bugs and deficiencies in the project codebase
    • Building and maintaining internal tools to streamline the software development process and enhance productivity
    • Researching new software development concepts and making suggestions for improvements
    • Creating and integrating features for our client solutions using the latest C#/ .NET technologies
    • Writing web services, business objects, and other middle-tier framework using the .NET framework
    • Actively participating in code reviews
    • Championing testing and QA initiatives

    Must Haves:

    • 5+ years of .NET/ASP.NET development experience using C# like Microsoft MVC, WCF, Web API, and WebForms
    • 5+ years of experience with object-oriented design, software patterns, multi-threaded, debugging and refactoring
    • 3+ years of JavaScript experience
    • Experience developing websites and microsites in a Content Management System (CMS) like Kentico, Sitecore, or Sitefinity
    • Experience troubleshooting of CSS and HTML issues
    • Experience resolving cross-browser compatibility issues
    • Experience with MSSQL Server + T-SQL, creating tables, stored procedures, and data views
    • Understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git, Mercurial or SVN
    • Experience with Continuous Integration and Automated Build products like Team City, Azure DevOps, or Jenkins
    • Experience with responsive and mobile site development
    • Understanding of DevOps principles: sites, certs, automation, and networking
    • Strong testing and QA ethic


    • Experience working at in an agency environment
    • Experience with agile/lean development
    • Understand SEO principles
    • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer or electronics engineering, information technology or related
  • TopDevz

    We are looking for an experienced, senior angular developer with C#  and .Net experience, who is excited to work on one of our client projects. Experience designing UI's and understanding UX principles are a big plus, as this position will have great influence in those areas as well.  This is a remote position (U.S. and Canada only).

    Skills & Requirements

    The following skills are required:

    1. Very experienced (3+ Years) in Angular
    2. Very experienced (5+ Years) in C#
    3. Very experienced (5+ Years) in JavaScript/TypeScript
    4. Experience with Entity Framework
    5. Experience with Visual Studio development environment, deploying to Azure.
    6. Good written and verbal communication skills
    7. Significant attention to detail when writing code, including good commenting and code documentation skills
    8. UI design and UX experience is a big plus.
  • Iridium Technology
    Preferred: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time

    We currently have a development team in Toronto and we are looking to expand.  The "remote" aspect is that we currently have employees working from home offices and meeting up in work-spaces in Toronto several times per week.  This position is only open to Canadians living in Toronto.

    T-SQL is one of our core technologies, and is a required skill. If you are not solid on T-SQL, please do not apply.  Our programming test for all applicants is based on T-SQL through SSMS.

    The position of BI Consultant/Developer requires candidates with very strong development skills. This is a client-facing role, so excellent communication skills are also a must. We are looking for applicants who are entrepreneurial, incredibly bright, organized, focused, creative problem solvers, able to work independently, extremely hard-working, and who embrace the home office-based lifestyle.


    Salary is set depending on your experience. If you can pass our application process we will be able to agree on a salary that works for you. 

    Job Responsibilities

    The role encompasses a combination of consulting and development duties, including: 

    • Client-facing resource: work directly with our law firm clients to implement and support Iridium BI products 
    • Report/dashboard design and development 
    • Manage client product implementations and projects to successful outcomes 
    • Requirements gathering, both for development projects and consulting/implementation projects 
    • Design, code, deploy, and test client-specific customizations and enhancements 
    • Design, code, deploy, and test Iridium BI product features and enhancements 
    • Development of software tools for internal use 
    • Technical investigations 
    • Client support/training  

    Required Skills

    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or similar 
    • Strong development skills and experience. Our technologies are SQL Server (relational database, T-SQL, SSAS, SSRS), HTML5, Angular JS, C# and others. While we prefer experience with these technologies, we will consider developers that are familiar with other technologies - our thinking is that hard-core coders can learn any technology stack. 
    • Excellent written/oral communications skills 
    • We develop software for law firms. Experience in Legal IT (ADERANT, Elite Enterprise, Elite 3E) is a big plus, but is not required
  • CloudScale

    CloudScale is looking for someone to help our customers make their vision a reality. We are a consulting organization focused on driving adoption of Microsoft Cloud technologies such as Azure, and O365. We work with a wide range of customers across various industries to build solutions on these platforms. We embrace the cutting edge of what Microsoft cloud technology offers to provide value to our clients. This role is focused on developing new applications and modernizing existing applications for the cloud.

    The focus of the mediate role is web application development with .Net Core & Angular.  

    All of the work is from home except for some small situations (see below for some more info), fully paid employee medical insurance, dental, vision, 401k matching, we reimburse for your internet, cell phone, generous bonus program, and more…

    Please Note We're only hiring from these states at the moment due to tax purposes and sorry, no Visa Sponsorship or Transfers available:

    - New York

    - California

    - Indiana

    - Arizona

    - Connecticut 

    - Florida 

    - South Carolina

    - Washington State

    Who are you?

    • An application developer with a background and focus on modern applications and Microsoft Cloud technologies (Azure, O365)
    • Someone who recognize the needs of customers and create new applications that answer those needs
    • A person who takes communicating their ideas to technical and non-technical people genuinely
    • A thought leader who helps invent new ways of approaching problems and developing innovative applications
    • Takes problems from start to finish and is able to work with clients and customers to deliver honest customer service to fix issues
    • Is able to self-manage and focus on details to ensure quality is consistently delivered

    Key Responsibilities

    • Understand client requirements and how they translate in application features, architectures and deliverable assets
    • Collaborate with a team of IT professionals to set specifications for new applications
    • Write high quality source code within deadlines
    • Perform unit and integration testing before launch
    • Conduct functional and non-functional testing
    • Troubleshoot and debug applications
    • Evaluate existing applications to reprogram, update and add new features
    • Develop technical documents and handbooks to accurately represent application design and code
    • Work within established project timelines and effectively communicate changes to those timelines

    Business Responsibilities:

    • Liaising effectively with clients and other team members including sales, technical sales, UX/UI designers, and engineers.
    • Communicating with senior team members to receive feedback; use feedback to improve work
    • Provide project updates to program leads and customers in a simple digestible format
    • Be available for a LIMITED travel relating to kicking off projects, client ‘meet and greets’ and emergency technical situations.

    Skills, Experience, & Minimum Education Required

    • Hands on experience building solutions for Azure (some AWS would be helpful, but not required)
    • Ability to work within small, dynamic teams in a professional manner, and manage multiple projects/deliverable at once.
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills – ability to convey complex technical or functional ideas in digestible, concise, easily actionable language.  
    • ~3-5+ years’ of hands on experience with ASP.NET MVC, Web API, w/ C# - we are mostly using .Net Core for new development
    • ~3-5+ years’ experience with T-SQL and SQL Server (or comparable relational database platform), we use EF & EF Core
    • ~3-5+ years’ experience with modern client side development (NPM, Angular, AngularJS and/or React)
    • Experience with git based source control and ALM tools (Azure DevOps, Jira, etc)
    • Experience working in a fast paced, Agile/Scrum type team environment
    • Ability to meaningfully contribute to calls with sales team and act as subject matter expert related to technical topic 

    ‘Nice to Haves’

    • Experience with .Net Core, Azure DevOps (formerly VS online)
    • Ability to work with responsive frameworks, and modern CSS tooling
    • Experience or familiarity with Azure Bot Framework and related technologies (QnAMaker, LUIS, etc.)
    • Experience customizing and deploying SharePoint solutions: Provider Hosted Add-Ins, SPFx
    • Knowledge of build automation and continuous integration and deployment (Jenkins, Azure Release Management)
    • Microsoft certifications in applicable and related areas preferred

    Additional Information

    CloudScale Corporation is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. All candidates must be legally eligible to work in the United States without sponsorship. Sorry, no Visa Sponsorships or Transfers available.

  • Salesforce

    Platform/Back-End Software Engineer (all levels)

    Location: US & Canada (Relocation candidates)
    In school, or graduated within the last 12 months? Please visit FutureForce for opportunities.
    Salesforce has immediate opportunities for extremely talented software developers who want their lines of code to have significant and measurable positive impact for users, the company's bottom line and the industry. You will be working with a group of world-class engineers to build the breakthrough features our customers will love, adopt and use while keeping our trusted platform stable and scalable. The software engineer role at Salesforce encompasses architecture, design, implementation, and testing to ensure we build products right and release them with high quality.
    From Sales Cloud to Marketing Cloud, Platform to IoT , Einstein Platform and everything in between we have many opportunities available across various applications and platforms. Submit your resume here and we will reach out to you with opportunities that fit your background and interests.
    Passionate about being part of our Ohana? Here is what we are searching for in you!
    Basic Requirements:
    - Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences or equivalent field, plus 3+ years of relevant experience
    - Track Record of being a top performer in current and past roles
    - Deep understanding of object oriented programming and experience with at least one object oriented programming language (Java, C++, C#, Ruby, Python)
    - Solid knowledge of Database technologies such as SQL, PL/SQL and relational database schema design
    - Experience in automated testing including unit and functional testing using Java, JUnit, JSUnite and Selenium
    - Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    Preferred Requirements:
    - Bachelor’s degree (or its foreign degree equivalent) in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical discipline.
    - At least (5) years of software engineering experience
    - Master of Java and experience developing and tuning highly available server-side applications
    - Deep understanding of Object Oriented Programming
    - Experience with developer tools like git, Maven and Eclipse IDE
    - Experience with Hbase, Phoenix, MapReduce, Pig/Hive and/or other no-sql technologies
    - SOAP/REST APIs and general API design
    - Experience with agile development methodology
    - Experience building highly scalable, distributed systems
    - Experience delivering and owning web scale data systems in production

    Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform and world's #1 CRM, empowers companies to connect with their customers in a whole new way. The company was founded on three disruptive ideas: a new technology model in cloud computing, a pay-as-you-go business model, and a new integrated corporate philanthropy model. These founding principles have taken our company to great heights, including being named one of Forbes’s “World’s Most Innovative Company” ten years in a row and one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” nine years in a row. We are the fastest growing of the top 10 enterprise software companies, and this level of growth equals incredible opportunities to grow a career at Salesforce. Together, with our whole Ohana (Hawaiian for "family") made up of our employees, customers, partners and communities, we are working to improve the state of the world.


  • Thycotic

    The Tier IV Support Escalation Engineer is driven to resolve complex issues with a passion to assist senior team members and achieve customer success. The candidate we are looking for requires a background in development, ability to dive into code and work methodically through the most challenging cases in complex environments. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, are required to interact effectively with our worldwide customers and internal development, support and sales team members.

    This position reports to the Director, Technical Support. Remote candidates will be considered.


    • Troubleshoot complex issues whether software or environmental related
    • Remain focused on complex issues through to resolution
    • Work closely with product management, development, quality assurance and senior support team members to resolve customer challenges
    • Document troubleshooting techniques and train team on the techniques


    • Bachelor’s degree in Software Development or similar discipline
    • 3+ years in software development
    • .NET, C# programming experience
    • PowerShell, SQL, RabbitMQ experience, a plus
    • Cybersecurity certification or like, a plus
    • Experience with active directory, Unix and general networking
    • Desire to learn and grow in new areas of technology
    • Knowledge of O365, Azure and cloud solutions, a plus
    • Excellent interpersonal, and verbal English communication, written and presentation skills required
    • Ability to work closely with team members
    • Ability to be on-call for highly escalated, Severity 1 challenges
    • Highly motivated, “can do” attitude, works well under pressure

    Thycotic is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ancestry, national origin, color, religion, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.

    Upon conditional offer of employment, candidates are required to complete a criminal background check and drug screen per Thycotic employment policy. In addition, all publicly posted social media sites may be reviewed.

  • ENERGY worldnet, Inc.
    $95,000.00 - $115,000.00


    The Mobile Engineer is responsible for customizing ENERGY worldnet, Inc. (EWN) mobile application and creating new functionality to support the goals and vision of ENERGY worldnet, Inc. using the latest development products and procedures.  In addition, the Mobile Engineer will be responsible for data analysis stemming from the main software suite.  Excellent communication skills and computer abilities are essential.


    • Develop and implement mobile application solutions for Android, iOS and Windows devices
    • Participates and contributes to all phases in building new digital products, including programming, defect correction, unit testing, code review and deployment planning
    • Work in an agile development environment (SCRUM programming)
    • Production monitoring and support as needed
    • Provides expertise on mobile current standards and cutting-edge technologies and frameworks
    • Partners closely with non-technical staff to define user requirements
    • Provides estimates for the work plan
    • Assists in producing and executes on well-documented technical designs
    • Advises on best practices for mobile UI design for the Google/Apple/Windows platforms
    • Recommend software solutions to benefit the organization
    • Compiles and documents procedures used throughout program development and revision as required
    • Share daily updates with the technology team via SCRUM (work completed, work pending, and/or impediments)
    • Performs related work as assigned


    • At least 4 years of professional experience with C# and .NET
    • At least 4 years of professional experience with Xamarin Forms
    • Experience with consuming and understanding of web services
    • Native Android, iOS, and Windows development experience a plus
    • Strong Object-Oriented Programming background
    • Integration experience with back-end database or transactional systems
    • Experience with Agile, or Agile-based, development methodologies
    • Graduation from a standard senior high school or equivalent
    • Associates degree or above preferred


    Knowledge of:

    • C# and MVVM
    • The principles, practices, and techniques of computer programming and systems analysis
    • Computer operations procedures and systems and of computer programming languages

    Skill in:

    • Problem solving
    • Critical thinking
    • Computer programming
    • The use of computer hardware and software

    Ability to:

    • Communicate effectively
    • Design programs and systems architecture
    • Prepare program specifications; to code, test, and debug computer programs
    • Interpret technical information related to computer programming and other areas of data processing


    • Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in related field OR comparable experience
    • 4+ years’ experience with C# and .NET
    • Native Android, iOS and Windows development experience
    • Xamarin.Native and/or Xamarin.Forms experience


    • FLSA Classification (Exempt, Non-exempt):  Exempt
    • Must be US citizen or green card holder
    • Must NOT reside in California, New Jersey, Hawaii, Alaska or Massachusetts
    • Travel Requirement (% of 40-hour work week):  Quarterly meetings
    • Remote work eligible:  Yes
    • Shift:  7am - 4pm, 8am - 5pm or 9am - 6pm M-F
    • Environment: Although this position is remotely located, the person hired for this position will have to travel monthly to work out of our main office in Decatur, TX. They will physically work in Texas 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. one (1) week per month during their probationary period (first 90 days of employment).  At the end of the 90 day probationary period, the candidate will have the opportunity to apply for 100% telecommute.
  • TrafficLand

    We are a small, remote-first group with minimal management and good work-life balance. We re looking to add an adaptable mid to senior level engineer to our ranks to help across a range of projects.

    Some technologies we use today:

    • Scala / LightBend stack (Akka, Akka Streams, Slick, Play)

    • PostgreSQL

    • Redis

    • C# / WPF

    • Rust

    About you:

    • a self starter, capable of bringing assignments from specification to completion

    • can travel for quarterly team meetings (Fairfax, VA) or conferences, usually 2 to 3 nights

    • solid foundations of object oriented and functional programming

    • loves technology and learning new things

    • understands network and application protocols (TCP, UDP, HTTP, RTSP, DNS, etc)

    An ideal candidate has:

    • expertise writing production Scala software
    • experience with libraries in the LightBend stack including Akka, Akka Streams, Play Framework and Slick
    • knowledge of network video
    • prior remote work experience
  • Surge

    Surge Forward is looking for a smart, self-motivated, experienced, senior-level developers to work as a long-term independent contractors.

    Experience Required: 

    SQL Server 2012/2014/2016, Microsoft .NET 4.5, C#, WCF and REST Based Web Services, XML and XSD, HTML and JavaScript / jQuery, Microsoft Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365, Instrumentation (Log4Net or equivalent), Unit Testing (NUint or equivalent)

    - Secondary skills (nice-to-have): InRule or another Business rule Engine (BRE), SSRS, SSIS and Data Warehouse, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery UI, Microsoft Identity Foundation, OAuth, LDAP, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Application integration (EAI/B2B) and/or B2B integration, basic understanding of network protocols

    Estimated duration is 18 months

    Resume must include the tech stack under each job in order to be considered, directly on the resume. Must live in the US to be considered.

    Sorry, No Visas.

    For immediate consideration, email resume and include your cell phone number and start date: [email protected]

  • CampMinder

    Help us create a better future.

    Are you ready to make a meaningful impact in the world? At CampMinder, we enable life-changing experiences for children and young adults. Our work empowers camp professionals to help shape kids into the kinds of adults you want on your team – and that we have on ours.

    At CampMinder, you’ll join a company recognized for the last two years by Outside Magazine as one of America’s Best Places to Work. You’ll work closely with other talented engineers, designers, product managers, and more. We’re looking for curious, collaborative teammates who are eager to teach what they already know and jump at the opportunity to learn new things.

    We’ve been designing meaningful solutions for camps since 2001. Now we’re looking for experienced back-end engineers to join our Boulder-based team to help us move towards a new microservices-based architecture. That's where you come in. You’ll use your skills to help us modernize our platform, making it easier for summer camp operators to create great experiences for kids and their families.

    Leveraging our deep experience in web-based application development, we’re building a new platform with Go microservices and containerization using Docker and Kubernetes. This new engine will work in tandem with our existing back-end (built in .Net, C# and MSSQL) and will interface with our new and exciting web and mobile UIs, built in ReactJS and React Native.

    What You Bring:

    • Professional experience creating and maintaining the back-end function of a complex, large-scale software product
    • Extensive experience implementing a containerized microservices-based architecture using Go
    • The ability to lead and mentor others in best practices of implementing microservices using Go
    • Mastery of back-end technologies, designing and building REST APIs and microservices, and both synchronous and asynchronous communication of distributed systems
    • A passion for solving complex problems
    • A desire to learn and use the right tool for each job (i.e. you’re not tied to a professional identity as a “[some technology] developer.” You identify as a software engineer or a technologist.

    Ideally, you also have experience with one or more of the following:

    • Expertise using Go, Docker, and Kubernetes to implement a containerized microservices-based architecture, especially migrating from a monolithic code base
    • Experience with messaging, especially Rabbit MQ
    • Experience with logging tools, especially ELK stack
    • Experience with cloud platforms including Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud
    • Experience with automated testing, continuous integration, and delivery and deployment tools
    • Experience with and enthusiasm for Agile development methodologies and pair programming

    Who You Are

    We are looking for people who are great at lots of things, love big challenges, and are committed to continuous improvement.

    You could be a great fit for our team if you are:

    • Willing to step outside of your Engineering comfort zone
    • Willing to work as part of a team, but can also work independently
    • Passionate about and good at solving complex problems
    • Willing to challenge the status quo, constantly looking for ways to improve things
    • Opinionated but consider others’ opinions thoughtfully  
    • Always asking what is best for the team, the company, and the customers
    • Confident but humble
    • Emotionally intelligent

    More About Us

    CampMinder’s culture is guided by a strong sense of purpose and rooted in our core values. We place a high priority on employee engagement and were recently named among the fifty best places to work in the country.

    Our engineers value brainstorming and solving problems as teams, rather than individually. We don’t always agree on everything, but we resolve our differences respectfully. We break our work down in small portions and fully embrace Agile methodologies like pair programming.

    CampMinder is already being used by the leading summer camps and is driving massive, measurable value that enables them to create positive experiences for over 500,000 campers and families…and we’re just getting started! Come help us create a better future.

    We're based in Boulder, Colorado, but we're open to you working remotely if you're not within commuting distance.

    Additionally, paid relocation will be considered for exceptionally qualified candidates.

  • Mapleton Hill

    Mapleton Hill developers work on a variety of projects throughout the year exposing them to new technologies. You'll be working in small teams, with ownership over projects, to deliver high quality results for our clients. For this position we're looking for experienced developers with a passion for Sitecore application development.

    What it's like to work at Mapleton Hill

    • You'll be working on development teams of 2 - 6 developers
    • You'll be working in an Agile Scrum environment
    • You'll typically be working on one project at a time
    • You'll be communicating directly with clients
    • You'll be writing code, unit testing, and doing peer code reviews
    • You'll be working on projects that typically last between 3 - 9 months

    Required skills

    • Sitecore 8+
    • xDB
    • ASP.NET / C# / MVC
    • JavaScript 
    • HTML / CSS (Responsive Development)

    Bonus points if you know or have used

    • Sitecore Helix
    • Sitecore SXA
    • Solr
    • MongoDB
    • jQuery, Node, Angular, or React
    • Azure
    • PowerBI
    • Xamarin or Native Mobile App Development
  • Academic Analytics
    $65,000.00 - $75,000.00Preferred: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time

    The Software Developer is responsible for developing and maintaining a variety of software that supports our database of scholarly productivity and providing limited end-user support. As part of the development team, you will develop and maintain new applications, as well as support existing applications for our clients and internal users.  We are looking for candidates in the Wisconsin, Charlotte North Carolina and Virginia areas.

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    • Maintains company’s proprietary software used for maintaining scholarly activity information.
    • Develops new applications, as well as provide enhancements and support for existing systems written in C#, ASP.NET, Angular, and SQL Server.
    • Assists in all phases of the SDLC toward development of new software, systems and business processes.
    • Obtains the business requirements needed from internal and external customers in order to develop the appropriate solutions to ensure a functional and efficient product.
    • Perform the coding for technical specifications written or verbalized by internal and external customers.
    • Provides training assistance to customers on the use of the respective systems or processes.
    • Collaborates with various departments throughout the organization to create the best possible product and to maintain a timely and accurate delivery of requested software.
    • Responds to customer systems issues and provides solutions to problems as needed.
    • Conducts testing of the software and assuring its quality.
    • Investigates and suggests solutions to defects and problems that may have been detected during testing.
    • Implement the localization or globalization of the software as per the market needs.
    • Conducts performance tuning, balancing, improvement, automation and usability.
    • Provide technical expertise and recommendation in assessing new IT software projects and initiatives to support and enhance our existing systems.
    • Produce technical documentation for new and existing applications
    • Serve as a liaison between all departments to assist in addressing and resolving IT software issues.
  • TaxJar

    All jobs → Partner Engineer (Ruby, Python, PHP, Node, C# / .NET, Java)

    Partner Engineer (Ruby, Python, PHP, Node, C# / .NET, Java)

    TELECOMMUTE · Remote, United States · Product Engineering


    TaxJar is the leading technology solution for busy eCommerce sellers to manage sales tax and is trusted by more than 15,000 businesses.

    Our core values

    • We do the right thing for our customers.
    • We're a team, built on trust.
    • We're proud to be remote.
    • We're in control of our own destiny.

    TaxJar's remote-only team of 60+ people is growing quickly. We have an immediate opening for a Partner Engineer who wants to help us make eCommerce easier for everyone.

    We want you to join our Platform Integrations team to grow adoption of our sales tax API and ecosystem of 3rd party integrations. The Platform Integrations team at TaxJar works directly with merchants, agencies, and partners to solve their business problems and devise clever solutions to accommodate the ever-increasing complexity of sales tax. We empower customers and partners with new TaxJar features and improvements through our API clients and documentation. As our ecosystem rapidly expands, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about many eCommerce platforms and create new integrations from scratch.

    *This is a full-time remote position available to folks located in the US.

    As a Partner Engineer on the Platform Integrations team at TaxJar you will:

    • Improve and maintain our API clients across six different languages (Ruby, Python, PHP, Node, C# / .NET, Java)

    • Master the forward-facing features of our sales tax API to provide hands-on support and onboarding for partners

    • Review and certify 3rd party integrations built by partners for quality assurance

    • Automate and improve our technical certification process for 3rd party integrations

    • Help improve our API documentation and guides for building a new TaxJar integration

    • Assist our team with new integrations built in JavaScript, C# / .NET, and PHP

    • Assist the technical success team with highly technical API issues

    • Spend time working the customer success inbox. Our employees, even the CEO, spend time doing this - we’re all in it together.


    • Previous experience in a technical role working with APIs as an API Engineer, Sales Engineer, Partner Engineer, Developer Evangelist / Advocate, etc
    • Write code that is maintainable, readable, and follows standards / best practices
    • Be accountable for the code you deliver to production
    • Manage development tasks from assignment through to production
    • Agile, humble, trustworthy, and a team player
    • Rapid learner who thrives in a fast-paced and demanding environment
    • Passion for building simple and intuitive solutions for complex problems in eCommerce
    • Excel at communicating with the team remotely (chat, video, email, etc)

    You’ll be a great fit on our team if you

    • Only want to work remotely
    • Are a PRO at communicating and collaboration
    • Highly value working with people you like and respect
    • Are accountable
    • Are confident in your skills and a solid team player (We’re peers here, no egos please) but also comfortable working asynchronously
    • Hungry to play an impactful role and not afraid to fail

    We’re a happy team and we all really love what we do. We've created a space where high-achievers can succeed, but are also safe to fail. We're profitable and focused on growing TaxJar sustainably. We're always learning how to make TaxJar the best place to work for all of us, and not just another tech startup. We’re always looking for an amazing new teammates to come share in the excitement of solving real-world problems with technology.


    • Excellent health, vision and dental benefits
    • Flexible vacation policy
    • 401k plan
    • $1,000 in professional development credit
    • Home office stipend
    • Equity in a profitable company
    • 2x year all-company in person retreats (fully paid for by us of course)
    • Mandatory Birthday holiday!
    • 12 week paid maternity / 6 week paid paternity leave
    • Monthly perks reimbursement for things like Netflix, Amazon Prime, your gym membership, home internet and more.

    We offer all of our employees amazing benefits. Visit for a full list of our benefits and to learn more about how we work and what we stand for.

    If you're not the perfect fit for this position, but you know someone who is, we'll pay you $1,000 if you refer us to the person we hire.

  • Autosoft
    $70,000.00 - $95,000.00Preferred: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time

    Autosoft, Inc. ( is a Dealership Management System (DMS) software company serving the retail automotive industry for 30 years. At Autosoft, we embrace change, encourage out of the box thinking, and listen to our employees to help shape the future of our business.  We currently have an opening for a Software Engineer that will help create web applications using Angular JS, .Net.

    Who You Are: As a Software Engineer, your leadership and technical expertise is essential to our success. You will work within a Scrum team, and with other Scrum teams, to collaboratively design, analyze and develop the best products to meet business goals. You will serve as a mentor and role model to other software engineers.

    What You'll do:

    • Mentor and foster the growth of fellow software engineers
    • Evaluate technologies for appropriate fit to solutions
    • Champion agile software development practices
    • Translate technical language for non-technical people
    • Develop, test and implement small, medium to large applications
    • Troubleshoot and resolve problems of medium to high complexity
    • Attend and participate in design and analysis meetings
    • Develop and maintain quality standards to ensure data integrity across various database systems
    • Document important design decisions appropriately

    What You'll Need:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems and/or equivalent formal training or work experience
    • Minimum seven (7) years of experience in a collaborative software development environment
    • Must be able to explain testing strategies: (Unit, Integration System, End to End)
    • Proven track record of delivering high-quality software
    • Familiar with development concepts such as Dependency Injection, Mocking/Test Doubles, Object Relational Mappers
    • Proven ability to write high-quality C# and JavaScript application logic with accompanying tests
  • TopDevz

    We are looking for an experienced, senior, full-stack ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server engineer, who is excited to work on one of our many client projects - both greenfield (new) projects as well as legacy (support) projects in that technology stack. This is a remote position.

    Skills & Requirements

    The following skills are required:

    1. Very experienced (5+ Years) in Full-Stack Development: Front-end and Back-end
    2. Very experienced (5+ Years) in ASP.NET MVC
    3. Very experienced (5+ Years) in C#
    4. Very experienced (5+ Years) in Microsoft SQL Server
    5. Experience with Entity Framework
    6. Experience with JavaScript and typical JS Frameworks (i.e. Angular, Knockout etc.)
    7. Knowledge of a typical development lifecycle (development to deployment) using typical industry tools, e.g. Atlassian JIRA and BitBucket
    8. Good written and verbal communication skills
    9. Significant attention to detail when writing code, including good commenting and code documentation skills
    10. Not required, but a big Plus: Experience with other SQL RDBMS (e.g. Postgres)
  • OMNITEC Solutions, Inc.

    Senior .Net Developer (Remote/Telecommute in AZ)

    (job number 190017AZ.Web Developer)

    Be part of a team working on some of the most visible websites in the world, knowing that work you do helps the men and women across the globe supporting our nation! 

    We have an immediate need for a senior level .Net developer to join our growing web development team, working in an Agile development environment, providing web solutions for the Department of Defense. In this role, you will write high quality code, perform code reviews, lead developers, and help shape the products we build and support for years to come. 

    PLEASE NOTE: This is a Phoenix based job with the ability to work 100% remote for the right candidate. To quality you must reside here in Phoenix metro area and be able to attend staff meetings away from home.

    This position also requires US citizenship and an active Secret clearance or the ability to immediately obtain an Interim Secret. If you are a US citizen and clearable, this is a great opportunity to be sponsored for your clearance!

    What are we looking for?

    • A fast learner who can get up-to-speed on current tooling, code-base, and CMS without a lot of hand holding;
    • Someone who is excited about web development who can bring fresh ideas into a well established team with a ton of prior experience building websites, web services, and web applications;
    • Excellent communication skills with the ability to tailor discussions to the correct audience;
    • Ability to produce high quality code with limited QA resources and at the same time meet deadlines while handling multiple, competing priorities.


    • Develop web applications and web services using .NET/C#;
    • Develop templates, themes, and skins using CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, and HTML5;
    • Participate in daily stand-ups, backlog refinements, and sprint planning sessions, having an active role in a cross-functional team;
    • Perform code reviews from peers and provide necessary feedback;
    • Understand web security vulnerabilities and how to solve them;
    • Assist in code deployments.


    • At least 7+ years in software development with experience in ASP.NET using C#;
    • Knowledge of Agile methodologies, coding standards, source control management, build processes, and testing;
    • US citizenship and either an active Secret clearance or the ability to immediately obtain an Interim Secret;
    • Security+ certification or ability to obtain one in six months.

    Required Skills

    • C#;
    • JavaScript;
    • jQuery;
    • CSS;
    • .NET;
    • SQL;
    • Agile;
    • Visual Studio, SQL Server, GitHub;
    • Windows, IIS;


    • DNN (DotNetNuke);
    • .NET MVC;
    • Unit testing and automated testing tools;
    • CMS experience;
    • RESTful and SOAP-based web services;
    • Content Delivery Networks like Akamai;
    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science;
    • Understand DevOps;
    • Already Security+ certified!

    Please apply directly via the link provided on this job posting or:

    OMNITEC Solutions, Inc., is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, ancestry, color, disability, gender, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.

  • Litify
    $70,000.00 - $130,000.00Preferred: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time +/- 4 hours

    Litify is looking for a developer to build and maintain Microsoft Office applications and plugins. You'll be responsible for a number of greenfield development efforts including a Word plugin to sync changes back to our document management system and an Outlook plugin to sync emails & calendar events to our CRM. You’ll be working with a team that consists of product managers, developers and UX designers to create brand new Litify products.

  • Olo

    At Olo we develop an online food ordering platform used by many of the country’s largest restaurant chains, reaching millions of consumers. Chances are if you’ve ordered directly from a restaurant brand’s app or website, we’ve made that happen. Mobile ordering and payments is an exciting and active industry full of interesting players and yet still a relatively untapped market ripe for disruption. We’re quite up-front about the technical challenges our business faces. Running a platform with multiple white-labeled front-ends, that maintains real-time connections into thousands of restaurants’ POS systems, and coordinates complex transactions between these and other third parties (such as payment gateways and gift card providers) is not for the faint of heart!

    Do you like the thought of fighting cybercrime at scale, watching fraudsters struggle against your defenses, while protecting over a hundred million user accounts?

    Fraud is an ongoing concern among restaurant brands, and we aim to make fraud defense a competitive advantage in our product offerings. We’re looking for a software engineer to help fight fraud on behalf of our clients. You’ll be responsible for detecting, fighting, and preventing: credit card fraud, account takeover attacks, gift card enumeration attacks, and distributed botnet attacks of various kinds.

    Any engineer may work at Olo’s headquarters in New York City’s Financial District or remotely from anywhere in the U.S. In fact, more than half of our engineering team is remote!

    Responsibilities include:

    • Sharpening our credit card fraud prevention service, Shield.
    • Enhancing customer frontends to encourage good security practices.
    • Improving monitoring and alerting for suspicious activity in our applications.
    • Creating automation to respond to fraud reports in an efficient and professional manner.
    • Evaluating and integrating with third party service providers.
    • Building visualizations and reporting tools for our clients.
    • Advising development teams to ensure anti-fraud measures are in place.

    This is a full stack engineer position. Your work will span all layers across multiple projects in a large, distributed system. Our tech stack includes C#, F#, Ember, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, Datadog, SumoLogic, Cloudflare, and a number of AWS services including Redshift, SQS, S3 & Kinesis Firehose. We don’t expect candidates to be familiar with all of these technologies, but in this role you will gain experience with most of them.


    • An ability to put yourself in a fraudster’s shoes and think like they do, so you know what we are up against.
    • An ability to work well with others. You will be working in the codebases of many teams. You will need to communicate well and minimize disruption.
    • At least 3 years of professional experience as a full stack software engineer.
    • Proficient in multiple programming languages, frameworks, databases, and OS’s.


    • A background in fraud or security.
    • Machine Learning expertise.
    • Experience working on SaaS products or distributed systems.
    • Experience with PII security frameworks such as NIST 800-122.
    • Experience with any technologies in our technology stack (.NET, AWS, etc.)

    About Olo

    Olo is the on-demand interface for the restaurant industry, powering digital ordering and delivery for over 200 restaurant brands. Olo’s enterprise-grade software powers every stage of the digital restaurant transaction, from fully-branded user interfaces to the back-of-house order management features that keep the kitchen running smoothly. Orders from Olo are injected seamlessly into existing restaurant systems to help brands capture demand from on-demand channels such as branded website and apps, third-party marketplaces, social media channels, and personal assistant devices like the Amazon Echo. Olo is a pioneer in the industry, beginning with text message ordering on mobile feature phones in 2005. Today, millions of consumers use Olo to order ahead (SKIP THE LINE®) or get meals delivered from the restaurants they love. Customers include Applebee’s, Chili’s, Chipotle, Denny’s, Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Jamba Juice, Noodles & Company, Red Robin, Shake Shack, sweetgreen, Wingstop, and more.

    Olo is located at 26 Broadway in the historic Standard Oil Building, the former home of John D. Rockefeller.  We offer great benefits, such as 20 days of Paid Time Off, fully paid health, dental and vision care premiums, stock options, a generous parental leave plan, and perks like FitBits, rotating craft beers on tap in our kitchen, and food events featuring our clients' menu items (now you know why we give out FitBits!). Check out our culture map:

    We encourage you to apply!

    At Olo, we know a diverse and inclusive team not only makes our products better, but our workplace better. Many groups are consistently underrepresented across the tech sector and we are fully committed in doing our part to move the needle.

    Olo is an equal opportunity employer and diversity is highly valued at our company. All applicants receive consideration for employment. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

    If you like what you read, hear, and/or know about Olo, and want to be a part of our team, please do not hesitate to apply! We are excited to hear from you!

    Preferred: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time +/- 4 hours

    We are looking for software engineers that are passionate about modern agile product development practices.  We want engineers who are focused on helping to build a learning culture.  We want engineers as focused on delivering business value as they are on technical acumen.   

    We believe that our software engineers, and by extension our product development leadership, should be able to leverage skills that demonstrate:

    • Recent use of current engineering practices from XP and DevOps, such as Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Pair Programming
    • Proficiency in multiple object oriented languages
    • Hands-on use of development principles such as SOLID and DRY
    • Requirements definition, decomposition, design verification and the use of system engineering methods and tools
    • Experience in environment(s) where you helped to deliver frequent iterations with adaptive, business-driven planning and release cadence
    • Participation in software craftsmanship communities, where you share your experiences and learning with your peers
    • Understanding of delivery flow and how to optimize it
    • Understanding of Lean Principles 

    This is a position that can be remote (United States only) or on premise. 

    We have multiple positions available from an experienced engineer to technical lead.  If you are interested in helping us grow our culture please apply! 


    Required: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in lieu of experience required.          


    Required: 5 years leadership experience developing and implementing information systems.       

    Preferred: 5 years’ experience developing and implementing information systems in a healthcare setting.   


    Required: Test Driven Development (TDD), Pair Programming, Full Stack development      

    Preferred: Strong understanding of the Healthcare Industry and the technology available to support its business needs.  Management of healthcare systems development and implementations.  Cloud development experience.

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