Chorus One

Cryptoeconomic software engineer

PROBABLY NO LONGER AVAILABLE.$70,000.00 - $120,000.00.

Chorus One has working validators in Cosmos and Loom. We are actively searching for a Cryptoeconomic Software Engineer to extend our services to other networks. The work consists of exploring codebases potential new cryptocurrency networks for potential economic and network vulnerabilities and exploits, ensuring operational security in deployed infrastructure, and external communications with network development teams. This position is a unique opportunity to work with a very experienced team on cutting-edge decentralized networks and financial services around cryptocurrency.


  • Review core codebases of decentralized networks such as Cosmos, Polkadot, Solana and assist in mapping out infrastructure requirements for Chorus services.
  • Design, implement and contribute additional functionality in codebases of said networks, as needed, to ensure compatibility with our existing infrastructure and company vision.
  • Search for and exploit economic and programming flaws in blockchain networks.
  • Communicate and collaborate with teams building blockchain networks, and assist them with the implementation of protocols and features such as IBC, where Chorus One has a vested interest.
  • Participate in the upkeep of Chorus validators through on-call rotations

The ideal candidate:

  • Should have experience analyzing adversarial situations - maybe security attacks, wargaming or similar. Some background in mechanism design / game theory.
  • Has excellent communication ability and interest in interfacing with technical stakeholders outside the company.
  • Has work experience with distributed systems and protocols. Prior experience with blockchain clients such as Go-Ethereum, Bitcoin Core, Tendermint or similar is a huge plus.
  • Has a strong interest to understand blockchain network code bases in depth.
  • Possesses either Bachelor or advanced degrees in Computer Science or allied fields, and a strong understanding with Computer Science fundamentals.
  • Is skilled minimally with either Golang or Rust and is willing to pick up the other on the job.
  • Is curious and able to take initiative in team discussions pertaining to business economics and business opportunities.
  • Experience with, or interest in Functional Programming languages is beneficial.