Developer Relations Engineer

PROBABLY NO LONGER AVAILABLE.Preferred timezone: UTC +5 to UTC +9


Join our team as a Developer Relations Engineer and improve the lives of thousands of developers using our product. Help us define an industry-leading developer experience for J2EE and Spring Boot developers. Be the ambassador and advocate for Java developers adopting Help us help Java users go from DevOps to NoOps and benefit from our Idea-to-Cloud Application Platform.

You’ll be on a small autonomous team that focuses entirely on making developers passionate about our product. You’ll be exposed to a wide variety of software running on multiple stacks, and will get to tinker with all the new shiny things that come along. You’ll then translate your learnings into templates, learning and training materials, workshops, and conference talks to make sure that the largest number of developers benefit from your wisdom. You’ll help us make better by gathering feedback and best-practices from our users, for whom you will be a fierce advocate.

You’ll work remotely.


  • Critically evaluate the developer experience of tools and products, with a focus on Java developers and workflows
  • Maintain project starting templates in various stacks and languages
  • Publish how-to articles and tutorials
  • Prepare and give product demos, online and at conferences (estimated traveling on this position is less than 20% of working time)
  • Run training workshops, online and at conferences
  • General problem solving and technical tinkering


  • 3+ years experience working as a Software Engineer

  • Must have:

  • Expertise in writing and deploying Java web applications - specifically you have some experience with J2EE on Tomcat and WildFly, plus Spring Boot knowledge

  • A cover letter written in perfect English that shows how you will inspire developers with your writing and passion for software

  • Great to have:

  • Familiarity with the main web scripting languages: Ruby, Golang, Node.js, Python or PHP (yeah, we just called Golang a scripting language, the world won’t end)

  • Nice to have:

  • Experience with other JVM languages very appreciated, especially Scala and Clojure

  • Erlang / Elixir chops

  • A secret crush on Rust (we don’t do any Rust, but some of us would really love to do everything in Rust)

  • You should have a good level of networking and system knowledge. Specifically you have at least a good basic understanding of containers and you have an excellent understanding of  HTTP (please don’t submit your CV if you can’t tell a 301 from a 404, and we do expect you to at least know about TLS).

  • Excellent knowledge of Git: you rebase like a god and you do not lose consciousness when you hear “bisect”.

  • You should have a good grasp of relational databases (Postgres / MySQL), caches (Redis), Search-Engines (Elastic Search, but if you “only" have some Solr chops, we won’t complain), Message Queues (any really, but we provide RabbitMQ and Kafka) and how they fit into an architecture.

  • You should have a good understanding of deployment workflows and some of the DevOps tooling (stuff like Puppet and Chef, anything from Hashicorp).

  • Published technical articles or presentations.

  • Experience giving presentations or trainings, eg. at conferences.